Frequently asked questions

Why should I get a Tap-On Band?


Everyone has had the same experiences with business cards. It doesn't look like you wanted it to, it costs too much, they took ages to arrive, as well as myriads of other problems that revolve around the process of designing, purchasing and distributing business cards. What goes into producing physical business cards for your business can be taxing for some, as well as a drain on time and money which can be better used elsewhere.

The benefits of the Tap-On Band can be invaluable to a business. Not only can you totally cut out all these factors, you can simply exchange business details with potential or established clients in several seconds with a simple handshake. This leaves you free to conduct whatever business you need to, without all the hassles of pulling out a business card and saving you those few precious seconds you will need to close the deal.

Every business wants to be efficient and professional. By using the Tap-On Band we help you to achieve this goal, cutting out all the hassle that normal business cards come with, while still maintaining the high quality business information exchange that you would expect for your company. Let the Tap-On band do the work for you while you save valuable time and money.

It may also be invaluable at social functions.

How does the Tap-On Band work?


All you need to do is wear it whenever you go out.

Simply press the button on the Tap-On band to begin actively broadcasting. If there is a Bluetooth enabled device, such as a mobile with the Tap-On app or another Tap-On band nearby that is actively broadcasting or scanning, the Tap-On band will automatically send your information to them while simultaneously receiving their information and storing it.

This information can then be viewed at any time by syncing your phone with the Tap-On Band and using the Tap-On app to view the contact information.

For a more specific description of how the Tap-On Band works, please refer to your Instruction Manual or the Features Page on this website.

Does the other person need to have a Tap-On Band for this to work?


No they don't. All they need to have is a mobile device with the Tap-On app loaded and Bluetooth enabled. That's it.

A more detailed description of how to use the mobile app to receive information from a Tap-On Band can be found both in your instruction manual or the features page of this website, under “Storing / “Tapping of Devices”.

I only have the Tap-On app, do I still need the Tap-On Band?


Yes. In order to access your information and download any business data that your Tap-On app has stored, you still need the Tap-On Band to be able to do so.

For a more specific description of why this is the case, please refer to your Instruction Manual or the Features Page on this website.

How do I access my Tap-On Band Information?


To access the information that your Tap-On Band has collected, you need to only synchronise your mobile using the Tap-On app with the Tap-On Band, which then accesses the contact information. This then stores all the data, as well as allowing the viewing of any other information you have collected previously, through the History Screen on your Tap-On app.

For a more specific explanation of how to do this, please refer to either your Instruction Manual or the Features Page on this website, under “Uploading / Accessing Collected Information and Data”.

How do I clear the Tap-On Band memory once I have sent the information to my phone?


As the Tap-On Band only has the capacity to store 20 different sets of information at once, this is definitely a legitimate concern. Fortunately, we have made sure that this is no longer a problem.

One of the inbuilt functions of the Tap-On band is an automatic cleaning system, which will wipe the Tap-On Band once the synchronising and transfer of information to the website is completed. This will ensure that you will always have enough space to store any information that you will need to.