Just tap your phone to send your contact details to a new business or social contact

Never use a Business Card again...
Just Tap-On...

With Tap-On's
Revolutionary new
wrist band that
sends your
details as
you shake

... As you
tap on the button
on your tap-on

You might be Sam123 or Jane123. Pass that information on with the tap of a wrist and then go to our app to get the extra business information you have stored there. Only people you have ‘ Tapped’ with your code will be able to access it.


Store and share as little or as much as you like. For a start you may wish only to provide an Email address and that’s fine.

Or you can store the same information as a full business card and a photo as well if you wish.


What if the person you’re meeting doesn’t have a band?

That is fine, too. Just get that person to download the Tap-On app.

Tap 20 people or more you meet at a conference… or at meetings during the day…

or at social gatherings at night…


Go home that night and they’re all there to download from the band.

Sign in and see how to Tap-ON.

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Never use a Business
Card again... Just

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